Pseudo – Steak and Eggs Diet

Going along with my intermittent fasting, I am going to try and follow a mix of work food/ steak and eggs diet for my two meals. The steak and eggs diet is a diet that consists of steaks…and eggs. Yup…you basically eat those two for lunch and breakfast. The recommended intake is 3/4 lbs to 1.5 lbs of steak and 4-6 eggs. I am not a big guy so will probably stick closer to the minimum. Here is a link describing the diet:

For lunch though I am going to eat at my work cafeteria. I am lucky to work in a huge campus that has great facilities with multiple places to eat for a good price. So, I am going to keep taking advantage of that.

If I get more adventurous I can do full keto (steak and eggs) at some point but this is a good middle ground where I will be having some carbs and vegetables for lunch. I will also be mixing it up with bulletproof coffee on occasions in the morning.

Side note


I want to mention that before this I was, what you would call, the chipotle diet. I would eat chipotle at least once (for dinner) a day and sometimes twice. I actually think that would be a good diet to follow as well because a steak bowl at Chipotle will give you all the nutrients you need and it’s relatively cheap (if you factor in saved opportunity cost of cooking and cleaning). The only downside for me was that a bowl would simply not keep me full (I am always hungry!) and the protein is probably not enough if you do just two meals (although you can get extra meat and guacamole…). Anywho – I still think it is a great healthy option. They serve you fast food with antibiotic free meat which could be grass fed ideally depending on the location of the branch (Chipotle is making efforts to make this nationwide and more and more of their beef is now grassfed!).



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